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McAfee QuickClean Features Vs Benefits
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McAfee QuickClean Introduction

McAfee QuickClean offers several benefits to the home user. Primarily it helps to free up valuable disk space and clean your hard drive and Windows registry. Every time you open a program, save a file, edit a file, and perform virtually any other task an entry is added to the registry. Eventually two of these entries will conflict producing software or system errors. Registry entries can also be incomplete, corrupt, or incorrect especially after partial or incomplete installations. Spyware and viruses also typically attack the registry or add registry entries further compounding the less than perfect registry prevalent on Windows computers.

Windows Registry Cleaning

The Windows registry and your system in general has a tendency to contain traces of programs that you believed were long gone. The removal of software, when removed using the Windows control panel, does not necessarily remove all of the components of that software. QuickClean offers a more complete and accurate removal of programs. It not only uninstalls the application but also removes all files and traces from within the registry and the various temporary file folders on your system. This ensures that the removal of programs is easier and much more efficient, in terms of freeing up disk space.

Fast And Accurate Scanning

Compared to previous versions, the latest McAfee QuickClean features a fast scan engine. This optimized scanning engine can hunt quickly through all the areas of your PC in a bid to clean up unwanted or useless files and entries. McAfee QuickClean also runs in the background of your system so you can continue to use your PC without affecting the scan. This makes QuickClean one of the quickest ways to identify obsolete or unwanted files on your computer and makes its use extremely convenient.

Customized Scanning And Cleaning

Customizable lists enable you to determine the files that QuickClean identifies for removal. With various different criteria to choose from, including the age of the file and how long since it was last used; this gives you the opportunity to determine how clean you want your system. This level of customization is particularly beneficial because it enables you to find the exact file type, size, and age that you want to remove and then let QuickScan do the rest of the work. You can also choose to clean out temporary files, duplicate files, and incomplete registry entries whenever you run the scan.

File And Information Shredding

File and entry shredding is a vital addition to this kind of program. You can select any data on your system and either shred it using the QuickClean console or the standalone McAfee Shredder. Simple deletion of files and entries often leaves traces and ghost images of the content somewhere on your system. The shredding capability lets you securely delete all traces of information from your system quickly and easily an excellent way to protect your privacy online and offline.

Preventing Spyware And Information Theft

You can even prevent Internet snoopers from viewing your system and your online activity. Certain Spyware applications can collect and either utilize or transmit data pertaining to the sites you visit and the information you enter. These applications are particularly harmful to your system and could result in a loss of personal data. QuickClean lets you find any software or unrestricted access that attempts to monitor your online activities.

McAfee QuickClean

QuickClean is a registry cleaner, system cleaner, and space saver. As well as removing any files or entries that are conflicting with one another, it removes duplicate files, remnants of uninstalled applications, and even spyware files. This will inevitably free up a lot of your system so that you can use it for more important things. QuickClean can also be used to protect your personal information and prevent others from accessing your computer and obtaining personal identifiable information.

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