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McAfee Speedometer
Features Vs Benefits

McAfee Speedometer Introduction

Internet connection speeds can vary greatly from computer to computer but also from minute to minute on the same computer. There are a large number of factors that combine to generate an Internet connection speed. This is particularly true in the case of 56k connection users. The standard and type of telephone line as well as the type of switches used by your telephone company can have a serious impact on download speeds and connection speeds. There may be precious little you can do immediately improve your connection but it does give you a rough idea of how files will take to download (including web pages).

Double Testing

The Speedometer will perform either one or two tests on your computer in order to generate an accurate snapshot of your connection speed. Initially it will attempt to send a 150KB file to your system and calculate how long it took to be delivered. If it took longer than one second then this figure will be used to give you the connection speed and no further testing or downloading will be done. If your computer received the file in under a second it will proceed to send a second, large file to your computer. The actual size of this file will depend exactly on how your connection performed in the first test but will be 600KB, 1.5MB, or 3.0MB.

One Test For Slower Internet Connections

If you have a slow connection then a 600KB file alone could take two to three minutes to download, hence why the test stops, in order to prevent a lengthy wait for results. However, in order to gain more accurate results for quicker connections, the McAfee Speedometer uses the second test to gain a more accurate depiction of your actual Internet connection.

Testing Over Tim

McAfee Speedometer essentially provides a snapshot of your Internet connection speed. However, this speed can be affected by a lot of different factors. Fortunately, though, the speedometer can be used regularly to gain a more accurate insight into your connection. By building up a profile it is possible to get a longer-term view of your actual connection speed.

How It Helps To Know Your Connection Speed

Determining your connection speed can help you determine whether you need to upgrade your Internet connection package. Your connection speed determines the speed that most operations take on the Internet. Downloading files is only one of these factors, even opening web pages and waiting for website content to fully download are affected by your connection; the slower the connection, the worse the results.

Another possible use of the Speedometer is to check you’re getting what you paid for with your Internet package. You should bear in mind, that you are unlikely to receive your full quota of connection speed. Some loss will almost always occur because of a number of environmental and general factors concerning your connection. However, you can expect to get around three quarters of that amount.

The Web Based Utility

The McAfee Speedometer is a handy little utility that is entirely web based. You do not need to download anything to your computer even to perform the test. The test is conducted by downloading a web page of a specific size rather than a file or application. There’s no need to worry about deleting any unnecessary files or using up valuable system resource.

McAfee Speedometer – Test Your Internet Connection

McAfee Speedometer is a free web based Internet connection analysis tool. By redirecting your browser to pages of varying sizes it can calculate how long it took your system to download that page, thus giving an accurate depiction of your running Internet connection speed. This information can be used to determine whether to change Internet package or if you have any problems on your machine.

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